New full-time gig at fruux


I've been at this for a bit, but now it's official: I'm now based in Münster, and working at fruux as a co-founder / tech-lead.

The feeling of having this amount of control over a product is great. We've also recently got funded from High-Tech Gründerfonds and netSTART Venture and moved into a new office so things are indeed pretty serious. We have some flexibility to focus on making a great product, in what we feel is 'the right way' (whatever that may mean). It will be an exciting time :)

So if you were looking at SabreDAV, and needed something way easier to use, fruux may be a good option. Regardless, for SabreDAV the future is bright too, as there will be plenty of cross-pollination.

Also, if you're looking for a job, or know someone who's looking: drop me a line! We're in the market for good PHP and front-end developers.

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