New habari-based blog

After 3,5 years of using my own custom blog, I've finally switched to using a real blogging tool. My previous blog was a hacked together set of PHP scripts, and although it did the job; I really needed something with some more features such as spam management and publishing on a future date.

I've chosen Habari, because it's hands-down the best looking blogging tool I've seen. The interface is very minimal, the default is to type HTML and not work in a rich-text editor and all the keyboard shortcuts are in-your-face. I'm not so sure if I would recommend it to my less-techie friends, but for me it is exactly what I'm looking for.

The big drawback is that I went from a great design to the current K2-based one. I know at least a few people that tried to convince me to stick to the old one until I had a better looking design, but in this case I had to bite the bullet and choose for a great blogging tool over a great looking blog (I'm sorry Siep).

I suffer from the same problem as many other web people. We tend to never finish our own site, because it's never quite perfect. In this case I had to get over that. I'll make things better over time; until then.. please divert your eyes from the design to the content of this blog ;).

Old design

The old design

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