OS X 10.9 will ship with PHP 5.3

Looks like the next iteration of OS/X will still again not ship with a recent PHP version. The reported version appears to be:

PHP 5.3.23 with Suhosin-Patch (cli) (built: May 22 2013 00:00:34)
Copyright (c) 1997-2013 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v2.3.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2013 Zend Technologies

While it’s a version from March this year, PHP 5.4 was already released before the release of the last OS X (10.8/Mountain Lion).

Thankfully we have homebrew and Jose Diaz-Gonzalez, but it’s still pretty poor.


Looks like I was in the wrong. The latest beta releases now do ship with PHP 5.4. Sorry for jumping to conclusions!

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  • Bruno Cassol

    "Please note that the PHP 5.3 series will enter an end of life cycle and receive only critical fixes as of March 2013. All users of PHP are encouraged to upgrade to PHP 5.4. PHP 5.3.20 is recommended for those wishing to remain on the 5.3 series."


  • Elvis

    That is bad news.
    Hope it will change in release version of 10.9.

    • Evert


      When 10.8 came out, I also tracked the PHP version in every developer preview, but it didn't change. Back then I was also hoping for 5.4. I have doubts it will happen this time :)

  • griesx

    I don't get why they even ship php with OS-X if the use a completely outdated and in one year unmaintained version.

  • Bart McLeod

    port install php54

    Or with the explanation:

    • Evert


      I can highly recommend homebrew instead of macports. Better maintained these days :) Macports and Fink before it were the shit a few years ago though