phpunit-bin - run phpunit from anywhere

These days it’s common for projects to supply phpunit via require-dev. Most of my projects do this, and this means that every project supplies their own bin/phpunit.

I live on the command-line and it can be a bit annoying to invoke the correct phpunit script every time.

So I wrote a small script that is installable globally, and it will:

  1. Automatically scan your directory and parents to find composer.json.
  2. Based on that find the correct phpunit binary.
  3. Try to find phpunit.xml or phpunit.xml.dist.
  4. chdir into that directory.
  5. Run your local phpunit there.

If this is useful to you, you can install it via composer:

composer global require evert/phpunit-bin

Make sure that the composer global vendor dir is part of your $PATH.

After that, you can just run phpunit from wherever you are in your project directory.

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