sabre/event 4 released for PHP 7

I just released sabre/event 4. This version is PHP-7 only, and allowed me to figure out what it means for a project to take advantage of type-hints in PHP 7.

I decided to put the declare statement right on the first line of every PHP file, so every file starts like this:

<?php declare (strict_types=1);


It just made the most sense to me.

If you haven’t checked the library out, go take a look!. It’s one of the lightest event libraries around, and features a Promise object that’s self-contained and does not have a crazy dependency graph like most other Promise implementations in PHP. For that reason it’s a great way to wrap your head around the Promise and it’s used as a learning tool.

It also features an as-simple-as-possible event loop, that works with stream_select and doesn’t require extensions. It also has 0-dependencies, 100% unittested and has a fairly stable surprise-free API.

Version 4 tightens the Promise API a bit and adds support for an event emitter that has support for listening to events via a wildcard. Example:

<?php declare (strict_types=1);

use Sabre\Event\WildcardEmitter;

$ee = new WildcardEmitter();
$ee->on('create:*', function() {

    // Hey!




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