New open source project: Sabre VObject

Over the last little while I’ve been working at fruux on a new open source project: an iCalendar/vCard parser for PHP.

Actually, the project has existed since 2010 as it’s really a spin-off from SabreDAV. I felt like the library could appeal to a wider audience, and benefit from a separate release schedule.

The tool heavily makes use of PHP’s magic object and array accessors, to provide an API quite similar to what simplexml is for XML. In addition it contains features for parsing dates, expanding recurrence rules and automatically creating FREEBUSY reports.

To start using it, simply check out the project page. The readme contains a lot of documentation.

Some things I want to add in the future:

  • Conversion tools for vcalendar 1.0, vcard 2.1, 3.0, 4.0, etc.
  • A relaxed parsing mode, that’s a bit more forgiven to broken formats.
  • Convenience API’s for formatting and parsing property values.
  • Validation for all property values and components.

Currently no zip is provided. You should simply add it to your composer dependencies, as:

    "require" : {
      "sabre/vobject" : "2.0.*"

I hope it's useful, and would love to hear your feedback!

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