SabreDAV 1.8 released (with namespaces!)


Only a month after 1.7 I just released SabreDAV 1.8.

Not that much changes since 1.7, except that I migrated all old prefix-style code to PHP 5.3 namespaces.

This means that when you used to refer to a class as "Sabre_DAV_Server", this is now "Sabre\DAV\Server".

So for the most part it's a simple mapping, but there were a few exceptions. While "Sabre_CardDAV_Backend_Abstract" is a valid PHP class name, "Sabre\CardDAV\Backend\Abstract" is not, because the last bit (abstract) is a keyword.

I migrated all 343 classes and interfaces by hand(!). There are some tools out there that do the conversion automatically, but I didn't just want to apply a blanket patch, I wanted to make sure I 'use' the right classes and namespaces in a way that it made sense. Nothing beats the human touch.

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