sabre/dav 3.0 released!

Today we released version 3.0 of sabre/dav WebDAV/CalDAV/CardDAV server. The most exciting part for me is that we’ve replaced all the XML-handling code with sabre/xml, a project that I’ve been working on and has been on my mind since several years.

Originally we also intended to add PSR-7 support, but due to the new direction it’s taken it’s become a very poor fit. In the future we plan to replace the HTTP component with something that shares a lot of the great ideas of PSR-7, except with full mutability and a better performing stream system.

This is also the last release that will still support PHP 5.4. After this, we’re going to switch to PHP 5.5 as a minimum and take full advantage of generators. Can’t wait!

Read the full sabre/dav 3.0 announcement here.

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  • J'informatique

    Thanks for the news. Why not swith directly to PHP 5.6 ?

    • Evert


      Don't want to cut off PHP 5.5 users just yet. Also, PHP 5.6 doesn't really offer that much, relative to PHP 5.5