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The Atom Feed

The Atom feed is located at:

If you are not familiar with Atom (or RSS), it’s a simple XML format that has lists recent updates and it’s actually supported in many, many websites.

Almost every browser at one point had built-in support for feeds, but unfortunately most popular browsers don’t anymore. Despite that, Atom and RSS feeds are still extremely well supported by content producers. If you’re reading blogs or news sites today the chance is incredibly high that a RSS or Atom feed is offered.

I personally use Thunderbird as both my email and news reader. On iOS and Mac OS NetNewsWire is very popular. If you have other suggestions, let me know and I can list them here.

Email list

I had a mailing list on Revue, which was an awesome product, that was sadly acquired and subsequently killed by Musk :(. I intend to set this up again!

Other ways

I’m active on Mastodon and will also post any blog updates there.

Thank you!

Thanks for being interested. If you’re reading all the way till here it would be awesome to hear from you! Even just hearing somebody reads this is very motivating!