I work at Yelp now!


In a twisted turn of events, I suddenly find myself to be working for Yelp! It sounds a bit like it was a surprise, and it kind of was. Only 6 months after I started my job at Turnstyle, it got acquired by Yelp.

I would joke “I must have done something right”, but the truth is that I work with some extremely smart and genuine people, who totally earned this.

Working for a much larger company like Yelp will be a huge adventure, and a massive experience to learn from, so I feel really lucky to have jumped on this chance at just the right moment. I can’t wait to build great things with an army of smart people.

And who knows, maybe I’ll get to see a bit more of San Francisco in the future!

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  • gNeandr

    Congratulation and all the BEST to you. Great also to live in SF.