Het Bijstere spoor

My name is Evert Pot, and you're looking at the 6th reincarnation of my web presence.

My GPG public key.

I'm a programmer, mainly working with PHP and JavaScript.

I'm involved with the PHP Framework Interop Group, I'm the lead developer for SabreDAV, and I'm one of fruux' co-founders and CTO. In the past I played a similar role at filemobile.

I'm available for consulting as well. If you're into that sort of thing, you could take a gander at my resume.

I'm a console junkie, I love good software architecture and I still remember my ICQ number.

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I've been writing blog-posts on and off since 2006. Below you'll find the full archive. Don't scroll too far though, quality degrades as you go backwards in time.